Saturday, January 16, 2010


I finally took my boys to the groomers today.  They are now worthy of their own post.  I refused to post pics of them prior to today because  they would prove I've been a bad and neglectful mom they had shaggy hair and dirty eyes.  

Meet Sam

Meet Carter
Tony rescued Carter from a shelter last February while I was off shopping at Anthropologie. Lesson learned--- I can never let this boy near an animal shelter without supervision ever again.  The shelter is still open and is conveniently located in a shopping center with Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma.  It's sabotage, I say. You'll understand why we couldn't resist though when you see the next picture.  Isn't he sweet?

Sam is a lover and may or may not be a tad bit spoiled.  Carter gets his way often too.  I mean who could resist those big brown eyes?  I get this look often.  

P.S.  In celebration of Carter's one year anniversary with us we bought a new KING size mattress and box springs today.  Oh, don't give me that look--- both Carter and Sam sleep in the bed with us.  We all need more room. Carter will love it. Another lesson learned--- I will leave Tony at home next time I mattress-shop.  More about that later. Happy Saturday.  


Breann said...

How could you not pick up Carter? look at his sweet eyes!

Queen Bee said...

okay i'm jealous, how do you make lines through the words? you must give me a how to!