Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blurb it

I made a coffee table book from our photos taken during our trip to Italy this summer. Blurb is super easy and user friendly. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome; however, Blurb sent an e-mail a couple months after my book was printed with a coupon for a new book of equal value because they were not completely satisfied with the quality of some of the books printed around the date mine was printed. Talk about customer service!   

Blurb gives you the option to choose between a dust jacket cover (on my book) or an image wrap (without a cover & more of a matte finish). I actually prefer the image wrap/matte finish, but I chose the dust jacket so I could dedicate the book to my hubby. The image wrap option doesn't have inside flaps. 
{ You can see a little of the inner flap of the dust jacket below }
Italy was fabulous. I will save my Italy recap for a different post, but I will say I'm pretty sure I was born to be Italian. Seriously, eating pizza and drinking wine comes naturally to me.

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