Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Firm or Plush

There are only two things that Tony and I disagree about on a consistent basis. (Only two, seriously!) The first being the temperature inside the car.  Dual climate control in our vehicles is a must.  Tony prefers the temperature to be set at 64 degrees at all times.  I think he compromised on 70 when it was 20 degrees outside a couple weeks ago, but that's rare.  I prefer it to be 90 degrees a bit warmer inside the car.  

We also find ourselves in constant disagreement about which type of mattress is the best.  I prefer a softer mattress, better known as plush in mattress lingo. Tony prefers to sleep on a firm mattress.  Picking out a mattress with Mr. I slept on a futon for 3 years as a teenager(true story) on Saturday was fun.  

We went to Mattress Firm (had to support one of the largest employers of SFA grads).  After a couple hours of "too firm, too soft, too firm, too soft", we finally agreed on the very last mattress we laid on. Fortunately for us it was on sale. They delivered it Saturday night, and even the dogs are sleeping better.  This morning the alarm actually woke me up for a change...not Carter.  

Here it is...
We will attempt to make this DIY headboard.  Read more about it here.  
{image:  freckles chick}

I want to stick with white bedding even though I have to wash it all on a weekly basis because of the dogs; however, I will be adding some ivory in the bedskirt and headboard this time. This is what I want.  Fingers crossed I can get close.

{image: decorpad}

Fingers also crossed that Overstock gets more of this beauty in stock for the foot of the bed. 


The Swordfish said...

that means i have a bed! and doors!

love the headboard idea. if it doesn't work out, go to garden ridge and get the one i bought. it's a soft beige and you can always slipcover it! :)

Karah said...

Love the headboard. I can't wait to see it. Yes we are getting old. I think my fav gift was the onion chopper. Now I need a food processor too.

Andi said...

I am so excited to see how the headboard turns out! I have been wanting a similar look!! Thanks so much for posting! And your new room is amazing :)