Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good deal Thursday

Looking for good deals on home decor?  Want to jump on the garden stool trend? If so, run don't walk to Burlington Coat Factory. Yes, you heard correctly.  I've never been in a BCF and had no idea they sold home goods. After a friend mentioned it for the second time I adorned my bullet proof vest (the closest BCF is in a shady shopping center) and went in. After an hour of checking out just the home furnishings during which I filled up my shopping cart and then unloaded it after envisioning Tony's disapproving look I walked out with this.
{Price tag... $29.00}

Here's Pottery Barn's $159 version.
Wisteria's $129 version

I think this qualifies as a steal!

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taeandashleypark said...

The main problem with that place is the incessant buzzing from the fluorescent lights! We have one in Katy Mills Mall but I didn't realize they had good home goods. . you might have inspired me to venture back there again!