Saturday, January 30, 2010

January recap

January 2010 was a good month and a great way to start the new decade. Here's what went down around here...

1) Nothing better than starting this decade with a little Michael Jackson dance off on NYE.  

2) Guest bedroom is almost done and is ready for all you visitors. One of my favorite visitors will be here in a few hours for our celebratory wine night. 

I still need 
--window panels
--another lamp for 2nd bedside table
--a pair of old antique oars for above the bed.

3) We attended a wedding and I finally got to meet all of Tony's family. Tony has not seen his first cousins in close to 20 years--- crazy I know.  The women in Tony's family all have amazing names.  My favs are: Mary Esther, Aurora, Antoinette.  They refer to Tony as T.C. (short for Tony Cameron) and always have according to Tony.  I think the T.C. thing may stick...I love it.  

{t.c., my sister in law, and their first cousins}

4) Breakfast room is complete, except for a rug.  Still searching...
5) Dining room is almost complete--- only thing left to do is hang my calendar prints.
6) We upgraded to a king size mattress.  
7) Tony had strep throat for a week. This was fun.  {in my most sarcastic voice}
8) Work was very good for both of us this month. 

That's it and that's all, folks.  Signing off now to prepare for a little of this...

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