Monday, January 4, 2010

New Decade Resolutions

disclaimer:  I refer to these as new decade resolutions as opposed to new year resolutions.  That's right people, I have 10 years to accomplish some of these.  

1)  Completely finish furnishing our new home.   We need to purchase new furniture for: Tony's office, guest bedroom, nursery (not needed not jump to conclusions people ) and formal living room.
2) Renovate the master bath.  
3) Save money.  ( Yes, I know that this one completely contradicts the first two) 
4) and 5)  are a bit personal so I won't share for now.  

I will do my best to keep you updated on the above progress.  For now here are a few before and after pictures of the new house.  We still have quite a bit to do, but I think we have settled in quite well since moving in late October.  

Before:  Master Bedroom with previous owner's furniture
After:  Our master bedroom

Before:  Family room with previous owner's furniture

After: Our family room

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