Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is February seriously over? It felt more like 15 days as opposed to 28 days. I'm not complaining because that means our London trip is right around the corner as is Spring. Here's what went down around here this month...

1) Snoop D. O. double G. 
Yes, we went with some friends to see Snoop Dogg at House of Blues. It was a spur of the moment idea, but fabulously fun-filled. Getting there was the best part. It was my friend, Erin's, first night out since the birth of her daughter in December which prompted her husband to rent a stretch Hummer to take us to and from the concert. Brilliant idea!

2) My brother got a new dog and brought him for a visit. Carter was eager to have another small dog to pick on. Sam was quite annoyed.

3) We took a trip to Lufkin and Nacogdoches to visit the fam and celebrate a friend's birthday.

4) I've started running again thanks to Mr. Carter. Until recently I refused to even walk with Carter because, well, it was more like Carter walking me. A friend recommended the Gentle Leader leash, and I highly recommend it especially if you have a dog that constantly pulls when leashed. Read the instructions first, though. I may or may not have wasted 20 minutes trying to figure out how to put this thing on. I'm glad Carter and I worked out our differences... especially since my treadmill died this month.  You can read all about my sadness over its death in the previous post.

5) You can read about my Valentine's Day gift to myself and from Tony here.

6) I was slightly obsessed with the Olympics and watched almost daily. Read about my Olympic crush here.

7) Annual work review took place & I got a raise!  

8) Tony's grandmother, Emma, passed away. The service was this weekend in Austin. Tony went with his parents, and I stayed to keep the dogs. I hear that it was a nice and simple service.

Here's to March and more sun-shiny days.    

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Breann said...

I wish i could run. I have tried and tried and my shins just hurt too bad. Oh well, I will just continue to.. do.. nothing... :)