Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentine's Day gift(s)...

{I may or may not have treated myself to a new bottle of perfume.}

T.C. brought home one these for me after a quick grocery store run yesterday. Side note: Tony going to the grocery store for me yesterday was the best Valentine's Day gift ever.  I hate grocery shopping.  Please excuse my laziness for not taking a picture of my orchid, but take my word for it... mine is beee-u-ti-ful. Tony has a talent for picking out the best looking orchids and his orchids live much longer than mine do.  True story.  
{image: Good Housekeeping}

I'm off to watch more of the Olympics.  Is it just me or are these Olympic ice skaters falling more this year?

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Breann said...

I agree, they are looking wobbly!