Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Complete hipocrisy

I picked up some meals from My Fit Foods this weekend. Our schedule has been off the past few months because Tony's taking some evening classes, and I wanted some pre-made meals to throw in the microwave and call it a night. Plus, my patients rave about My Fit Foods and I had a $35 gift certificate.

Problem being that Crave Cupcake is located right, and I do mean right, next door to My Fit Foods. It's sabotage.

So what if I walked in to Crave Cupcake, My Fit Food sack in hand, and ordered a cupcake for myself! Don't judge me! I ordered up a chocolate on vanilla (which was the best by far and trust me I've had plenty).

{image: www.cravecupcakes.com}

Back to the healthy aspect...

So far, I've had the breakfast tacos (Ummm, good!) and the Atlantic Baked Salmon. Both were delicious. Tonight I am cooking since Tony will be home, but tomorrow night I'll try the chicken taco salad. I can see us utilizing My Fit Foods more... especially when I am life is going crazy and I can't seem to pull myself together enough to prepare a menu.


Breann said...

Also, in a pinch, try Central Market's Meals for 2. They have a menu online and you just walk into the prepared foods section, pick it up, and walk out for about $13.
There is a new "health food" store in the nasty strip center across from Kroger. I wonder what it's all about...

Casey said...

You sound like me. I go run and then get home and have to slip a couple thin mints!