Thursday, March 4, 2010


Should I just go ahead and sell my first born (if I ever have one) to J.Crew? Seriously, J.Crew could you lower your prices a tad? Or perhaps quit designing such awesome clothes and shoes?

Tony likes J.Crack too which really breaks the bank. He sports their embroidered chinos in the spring and summer.

His collection consists of:
navy with hula girls
light pink with fish bones (my personal fave)
the above pictured whale shorts
yellow with lobsters and
red with marlins.

My brother and I hit up the outlet malls last Saturday. I was shopping for Tony, and Brandon was stuck tagging along. I did buy Tony quite a few new shirts from the Burberry, Brooks Brother, and J.Crew outlet stores (and for half the price of retail). After a hard day's work immediately following a long and rough celebratory night I felt I deserved a new skirt as well. It's outlet material also, and of course it's from J.Crack.

But back to the point... J.Crew you have been and still are killing our budget. Can you please take me off your mailing list? Or how 'bout a coupon thrown in with that catalog every now and then?

the temptations.


Kristin said...

agreed. i think i'm going to go work there.

abby @ tales and trials said...

Love the skirt you got and I also like those sandals too. I was just at our local jcrack outlet on Sunday. It seemed like most things were still pretty pricey. I picked up a simple tee that had a flower stitched on it and the price was $42.oo. For a t-shirt!!!

I did snag some cute trouser jeans on sale. They have been on my list of things to add to my wardrobe so I was glad to find a cute pair that fit perfectly and weren't too expensive.

sorry for the novel of a comment!! ha!

taeandashleypark said...

I am OBSESSED with J Crew too and fortunately (or probably unfortunately), I live about 5 miles from the outlet. Think it's a problem when the salespeople call to let you know items you've eyed are on sale or in your size?