Monday, March 1, 2010


What have I done wrong? 

First, my treadmill breaks.  (My handy man predicted the motor went out & the warranty ended in September... looks like I will be purchasing another one very soon)

Then my iPod dies as of yesterday. 

Now my Blackberry won't hold a charge or make any sounds.  No alarm, no text message alert, no ringer.  Lovely.   (looks like it's time for an iPhone)

Did I mention that my car was hit a few weeks ago? (no worries, though, it will be good as new in a couple weeks)

I am hoping that the karma gods will accept my sincerest apologies for whatever I did to deserve this all at once.  Mr. Checkbook is not going to be very happy.  


Haven and Home said...

Okay we must be Twinkies! My cell phone refuses to charge, it has been such a pain, and this weekend someone hit me in a parking lot and now denying it so I may be out my deductible. I was just wondering about Karma too!

abby @ tales and trials said...

Sorry everything is breaking on you at once! That stinks. I highly recommend the iphone if you decide to go that route.