Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tiny Boxwoods

If you live in the Houston area you must, repeat, you must eat at Tiny Boxwoods. It's been on my list of things to do for quite some time, and I was finally able to check that off my list on Saturday. I can tell you I will be back for more. It is as good as everyone says... just a tad pricey.

I will get to the food in a bit, but the atmosphere, scenery, and decor was absolutely the best part about this place. A-DOR-ABLE!
{please excuse the blurry camera phone pics}
love the hand-painted clock on the wall
and the rustic table.

The food was so good that I forgot to take a picture. I had the grilled cheese which everyone raves about and rightfully so. Next time I am doing the Steak and Avocado looks delicious. The lunch punch was yummy and I did snap a shot of it!

love all the natural light.

Last, but definitely not least, their chocolate chip cookie lived up to its reputation. So good! Today,though, will consist of a lot of this (pictured below) to burn off all the extra calories consumed this weekend.

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Andi said...

Wow, this place looks seriously amazing! Nom to the Nom. I love your blog, so glad I just discovered it!
PS-LOVED the Snoop Dogg/Hummer post (how thoughtful is her H?). I saw him in college, such a fun show!