Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bowling, Cupcakes, Diaper Bags, and More

Let me just say that.... I'm back.  Well, my energy level that is.  No extreme exhaustion since Thursday. Tony was partying it up with old college friends out of town this weekend, and I kept myself very busy around here.  Saturday started with my usual--- waffles and nutella. Then Sam and I strolled through the neighborhood but just briefly because it's way too hot out.

I climbed on my treadmill after that.  Did I mention that I got a new treadmill?  It has a built in fan and Tony finally hung the tv on the wall.  I can walk forever if you give me a fan and some good shows to watch. This is what kept me going Saturday morning...

I also hit up the best store in Houston, Kuhl-Linscomb.  I browsed for about an hour, and may have purchased a few things.  It's easy to get lost in there, and so hard not to purchase everything.

After that I met a couple friends, Erin and Frankie, and their children for a bowl-a-thon benefiting Junior Achievement.  I got my baby fix for the week!

Bored yet?

Baby boutiques were calling my name this weekend, and I wanted to check out a couple of diaper bags some friends recommended.  There are two I really like. I have all the ordering information if any of my lovely aunts are reading and would like to purchase one as a gift for baby V.

Last but definitely not least, I stopped by the cupcake shop for one of  my best friend's 30th.  Thanks for giving me an excuse to eat a cupcake, Kristin, and for chatting it up with me today.

I had every intention of picking up cupcakes from the newly opened Sprinkles, but the line was crazy long and it was 90+ degrees out.  Energy or no energy, that ain't happening!

Can you tell I'm feeling better?

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The Johnson Family said...

which baby bags?? send me info!!