Saturday, June 26, 2010

Da Bump

@ 11 weeks.

I started taking weekly pics a couple of weeks ago so I can track Baby V's progression of how he/she is slowly taking over ownership of my body.   

My appointment with the high risk OB is scheduled for Friday, and the OB will be doing the high resolution ultrasound at that time.  I'm excited about the ultrasound and the opportunity to see Baby V, but I'm so anxious about the appointment.

I'm nervous because 1) I am seeing the high risk OB (she is considered one of the best in Houston, and I find that comforting but yet a bit intimidating at the same time) and 2) I hope all is well with the ultrasound.

The first trimester symptoms I was experiencing seemed to have resolved as I haven't had any the past few days.  Excuse me while I find some wood to knock on...

Happy Saturday, 


Kristin said...

holy mother. you're a mother.

Casey said...

You look great!