Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kitchen Island

Our kitchen is wide enough that it needs a little something in the middle but narrow enough that only the right size island would work.  Does that make sense?

Here's what I had my heart set on, but the dimensions weren't quite right.  I felt that it would be a bit too bulky for our kitchen. 

So, I saw this small, yet perfect-size-for-our-kitchen, island in a home not too long ago.
After hearing it was from Ikea, Tony and I went to snatch one up.

Here's what it looked like before.

Here's the after. 

A big shout out to Tony for painting it for me this past weekend.
We didn't think it would be safe for Baby V to inhale all those paint fumes. 

Now I just need to add some shiny hardware to the drawers and maybe a holder for a hand towel on one end.


abby @ tales and trials said...

I love how your island turned out! The black paint really dressed it up a lot. Great job

Chateau 809 said...

Gotta love Ikea- the island looks great!