Friday, June 25, 2010

Remembering when

A year ago Tony and I were wandering through Italy footloose and fancy-free. Our hardest decision was deciding which bottle of wine to order. Then again that wasn't even that difficult given that wine is cheaper than water in Italy---we could just order another bottle if we didn't like the first one.

Forget being footloose and fancy-free these days.  My thoughts are consumed with things like finding a daycare (and we've narrowed it down to two I might add and both with availability), cord blood banking, and birth classes.

Back to Italy.... we've been extremely sappy the past few days with comments like "one year ago we were doing this" and "remember when we did that..."  Disgusting, right?

I looked at our coffee table book and browsed through our old photos last night.  I must say it would've been easier to commemorate while enjoying a glass of wine or two.

We still have our bottle of wine we brought back from Como.  Maybe it'll be our celebratory wine once Baby V arrives.

Here are a few (ha!) of my favorite photos.

View from our room in Bellagio
enjoying a wine and the view of Lake Como
awww, beautiful Lake Como
My baby's daddy

the Colosseum
St. Peter's Basilica



p.s. Every channel seems to be talking about Michael Jackson this week which also makes me a little sad. Hormonal much?  Well so what if I have Man in the Mirror on repeat.

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