Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Summer's been busy. I do love summer, but I'm ready for a break. I'm ready for cooler weather and a little of this...
Stockings and cozy fires
yeah, right!
ok, I'll settle for a high temp of 70.
I've been a bit obsessed with "Lois," the rare corpse flower that's about to bloom at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Supposedly she's to smell like a dead body when she blooms. I haven't been to the museum to see the flower simply because I'm fearful my sensitive sense of smell will result in an episode of gagging. I've been checking the webcam morning, noon, and night though. Here's Lois if you want to check her out. Supposedly she will bloom in next 12-24 hours, but I think I heard that last week too.

Ummm, I'm fairly certain I have "pregnancy brain." How do I know you ask? Well, last week I left my car running in the parking garage while I was at work. Five hours and one-half tank of gas later, I came home and surrendered until this baby is here for the rest of the day. Ok, Baby V.... you win. You happy?

On a final note, it's been exactly one year since my grandmother's (better known as Mawmaw) stroke.  It's been a hard year for everyone to say the least, but she's a trooper. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts over the past year, and please keep them coming. I thank God everyday that's she still here with us. I love you Mawmaw!
My wedding
Mawmaw (in red) sharing a conversation with Tony's grandmother.
Hands down the best grandmother ever.
And soon to be great grandmother. 

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The Johnson Family said...

I am ready for the cooler weather too!!
I had no idea about your Mawmaw. I will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. I know how special she is to you!!