Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just the two of us

Tony and I took a long weekend to stay at the Hyatt Lost Pines resort in Bastrop... just the two of us. This was likely our last getaway together just the two of us for a while, and we were both very aware of that. So we cherished every second of our weekend together by lounging poolside sipping on virgin pina coladas (for me), floating the lazy river about 18 times, having a "food crawl" (according to Bethenny Frankel), going to bed early, and sleeping late.

the rooms 

@ 20 weeks--- halfway point
the Colorado river flowing behind me

so thankful for this guy
We laughed, we ate, we slept, we got sunburns. We regrouped.
I loved every moment.


Kristin said...

good for you! i need updates at some point. loving you and judging you (seriously, who goes to bastrop?).

abby @ tales and trials said...

Sound fun! Such a good idea to go on a mini vacat before the baby comes. I wish we could have done that. :)

The Johnson Family said...

so glad you had a great weekend away! sounds like yall had a great and very relaxing time!!

Anonymous said...

You had a great time. hope you learned you lesson where Sammer likes to stay when his mommy leaves him. Same will be true for Preston. Poor Baby.