Thursday, August 26, 2010

Preston Update

Many of you have asked if we have any more news from the doctors on Preston's condition and we don't.  I have follow-up appointments next week with both my regular OB and the perinatologist. We don't see the pediatric cardiologist again until later in September.

On a more personal note, Preston's movements have become more dramatic and noticeable the past few days. That's gone.  It's more like jabs and kicks these days, but I LOVE it.  It's the reassurance I need.  Tony was finally able to feel a few of those jabs last night as Preston decided it was time to wake up just before we went to bed.

image from here

As for Tony and I, well, we are good. Our long weekend together in the Texas hill country was just what we needed to regroup and refresh ourselves. I have good days and bad days. Of course there are the days I completely break down and cry or just throw a temper tantrum.  Not sure how much of that is a result of my raging hormones or just fear and anxiety about the situation... likely a combination of the two. Overall, God's grace has been sufficient and I'm constantly reminded that it always will be.

My patients can all tell I'm expecting now, and they all comment on it. (I hid it for as long as I could under my white coat, but there ain't no hiding it anymore.) A few patients know about or have heard about Preston's heart condition and have offered encouragement and prayers. For that I'm grateful. It so easy to take care of such wonderful people. I do get a lot of "Soooo... are you coming back to work after you have the baby?"

2 Corinthians 12: 9  My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 


Breann said...

It's it the coolest feeling, those actual kicks and jabs? Just wait, in a few more weeks you will see your stomach MOVE when he kicks... I layed on the bed with the remote on my tummy last night and just watch it bounce around!

chair up said...

SO glad you're enjoying all that kicking! I can remember that feeling like it was yesterday (even though it was over 16 years ago!)Have to admit the novelty wore off after a while,lol.
It's lovely for you to have such thoughtful patients.
Keep leaning on God for your strength.