Monday, September 20, 2010

Best. Job. Ever.

Do I like working?   no.

Do I like my job?   absolutely.

I take care of some pretty special people, and they in return take care of me. It's very gratifying. My patients are slowly (it's amazing how much they talk to each other and how news spreads fast amongst my patients) finding out about my pregnancy and about Preston's heart condition. They are constantly offering encouragement and prayers for Preston's healing. I'm constantly learning from my patients. It's actually pretty amazing.

One particular patient friend, with whom I've been an open book and adore, came to the office the other day with this note for me. She said that after her daily devotion/prayer time she sits and meditates/listens, and she heard this one day...

"Tiffanie's son will be fine. I am covering him and protecting him-
he will be healed completely!
He will serve Me and bring much joy to many. Share this with her.  
Remind her that I am her hope and her faith is rewarded."

This is the kind of stuff that keeps me going, that restores my faith day after day, that allows me to remain hopeful. When I feel anxious about anything, I find myself pulling out Preston's journal (where her note is safely being kept) and reading it.  

To my dear patient friend (she reads this blog), thank you for your prayers for Preston, thank you for sharing this with me, thank you for caring for me. Oh, and thank you also for the big basket of Leaves scented goodies. My casa smells delicious.


The Johnson Family said...

Well that just brought me to tears. I have always believed that everyone is brought into our lives for a reason, and this friend of yours proves just that!! What an amazing message!!

Anonymous said...

I believe in this patient/friends letter as well. I feel God has a reason for all this and the outcome will be amazing. Remember Preston has a Special Angel watching over him. Love you, KK