Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's talk about paint.

My new favorite paint color is Martin Senour's Linen Weave, and it's finally on the walls in P's nursery.  I love it!  It's soft and makes the room feel bigger with erasing that warm and cozy feeling the nursery has.

linen weave in P's nursery

Another favorite color is Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage. I knew I loved it but wasn't quite convinced if I wanted it last Fall when we were choosing paint colors for our new home.  The manager at RH sealed the deal when he offered us a 5-gallon bucket of Silver Sage for the price of just one gallon (that was when RH was transitioning from the Silver Sage on the floor to more of the darker grey colors).  I love how it changes between different shades of blue, green, and grey as the lighting in the room changes.

silver sage in our dining room

There you have it, my two favorite paint colors and a picture of the new paint color in the nursery.

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Michelle said...

You have wonderful taste!