Monday, September 6, 2010

My 1st attempt at fantasy football

Tony and I entered into a couples only fantasy football league this year. Now I love football, but I knew nothing about fantasy football. I thought you just picked your favorite team and you were done.  Nope.  Wrong. You have to draft your own team. Once again I love football, but I know nothing about stats.

So Friday night's draft with our friends was quite comical.  They were prepared. I was not. Aimee had a cheat sheet of her favorite picks which revolved around the following criteria: who is the cutest, who had the nicest dreads, who didn't fight dogs, who didn't beat their wives, who didn't do drugs, etc. I was not prepared, but I am quite satisfied with the team I drafted. I am my father's child for sure when it comes to my competitive drive. Tony was actually quite scared to sign up with me in the league because I tend to become a bit competitive. I'll be honest, though, I did pick up a few players solely based on the fact that I liked their name (i.e. Golden Tate... now that's an awesome name).

Aimee and her cheat sheet
my cheat sheet = notes on a napkin
and an app with the players' stats 
Kristen and Steven
Tony, adorned with his wireless mouse, has his game face on.
Aimee and Matt

This should be interesting.  Let the fun begin.

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The Johnson Family said...

This is hilarious! Sounds like you guys had fun! I would definatly pick my team based on the same criteria!!