Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30th... P's heart

We could use some prayers today as we head back to Texas Children's to meet with Preston's cardiologist.  I'm excited about getting to see Preston in action for an extended period of time during the echo, and I'm hoping for a good report from the cardiologist.  I specifically pray each day that Preston's heart be healed, and that his heart condition does not get worse.  I know that he's on many prayer lists, and I thank you all for that.

I still hear this song on the radio a lot... probably on a daily basis.  I remember when I heard this song for the first time, and even after two months it's not getting old... it constantly reminds me that He has a "much better purpose" and a "far greater plan."

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We went to St. Luke's hospital on Saturday for a tour of the maternity ward.  It took longer than expected, but it was comforting to see where P will be delivered and where they will take him shortly after delivery (there are double doors in St. Luke's labor and delivery that lead directly into Texas Children's neonatal department).  At the same time it was a bit disheartening and I did get sad... thinking about how P will probably not be able to nestle in the room with me after delivery and that we'll probably miss that special bonding moment they talk about when they place the newborn directly on the mom's chest after delivery.  Not to worry though, Sweet P, I'll make it up to you and then some after I get you home... I promise.

Do you have any idea how spoiled this boy is going to be?  ha!

I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well
 Psalm 139:14


abby @ tales and trials said...

Hey Tiffanie,

I hope your appointment with the cardiologist goes well today. I just prayed for preston!. Praying for complete healing and a good report today.

Michelle said...

It is in HIS hands and we will trust HIS will for this beautiful child of HIS, the one HE already knows and calls by name!
Lord- Please give your supernatural peace to Tiffanie and her husband / family as they consult with those whose hands may one day touch the heart of their precious son!
Preston Honey- we claim the victorious healing that HE has in store for you. You are already so loved and people all over the world are presenting you before the King of Kings on this, and so many other days. Know this and recognize how special you are and that so many are here for you!
Father, we await ALL you have for this child with GREAT EXPECTATION today, tomorrow and always.
Love you so much Tiffanie- xoxoxo

Kristin said...

sweet t, i will be praying for you all day today. this day has been on my mind for a while now, as i know it has been for you, too.

love you very much, friend. ps. did you get my text on saturday?

The Johnson Family said...

Hey Tiff,

Hoping that everthing goes well today. Preston will be in my prayers today as he is everday. Praying for his complete healing and for great news from the doctors!


Lyndsay said...

Thinking about you and your little family. Love y'all to pieces.

Anonymous said...