Thursday, September 23, 2010

the wonderbar: official review

Better late than never, right?

Remember that post about the wonderbar? Well, I just remembered that I promised you guys an update/official review.


{drum roll}

I think it is worth every penny. 

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I haven't used any type of coverage (I used to wear tinted moisturizer on a daily basis for light coverage) other than a little spot concealer here and there in over a month.  Is it mind over matter?  Could I just be experiencing good pregnancy skin?  Or am I blind and none of you are telling me that I truly need some coverage?  Who knows, but I swear my pores are smaller, my skin is smoother, and my T-zone is less oily at the end of the day.  Now I just need to find a miracle potion for these dark circles under my eyes.

I will say that I'm still working on the tiny bar pictured here.  It's lasted almost 3 months and I still have another few weeks in it.  I'm not diligent with using it twice a day every day (as directed)... sometimes only once a day... sometimes I skip a couple of days... but my skin still feels better.

There is one small little downside though... I experienced the pubertal-like acne which I believe they refer to as the "healing crisis" during the first couple of weeks.  It was real fun {insert sarcasm}. Just to be honest, this is the reason I used it every other day.  I notice that my skin is still prone to breakouts if I use it too regularly. That's alright by me though... it'll make my money last a bit longer.

Well, there you have it.  I love the wonderbar.

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Michelle said...

Too funny Girl- I JUST read that blog about the wonderbar yesterday and searched for an update since and...voila- there you have it the following morning!
Those of us that are "real" friends wouldve certainly told you if you needed concealer or coverage, or anything else for that matter! :)
Hard to know what is due to the bar versus the pregnancy though since the pregnancy just agrees with you so well (that and the fact that you are absolutely beautiful with or without a pimple).
Thanks for being so diligent on here regarding the products you find that you love and the follow up you promise...
love you