Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update on Mr. Preston

I'm exhausted. I did nothing but sit at Texas Children's hospital all day, but I'm exhausted, both mentally and physically. Once again we have a new diagnosis. It's all so tiring. One thing's for sure though, we saw God work and move in our lives today in more than one way.  He's definitely guiding us through this process.

My aunt drove in from Lufkin to go to the appointments with us (thanks KK!) and she snapped a few shots of our family (the 3 of us) before we headed out this morning.

27 weeks and 5 days

Since our last appointment the cardiology team did some research and reviewed Preston's films more, and today they could clearly see what they were looking for.  Preston's heart has an aortico-left ventricular tunnel.  (see blue arrows below) I've included a picture below but this is the gist of it.  There is a tunnel in his heart that should not be there that is letting his blood flow back into his heart (specifically the left ventricle). The regurgitation of the blood is causing the left side of his heart to become enlarged and dilated.

The good news is that if Preston can make it another month at least without developing congestive heart failure and hydrops (which carries a 90% mortality rate) in utero then the surgeons could close this tunnel once he's born and he could be healed. Of course there are so many factors that come into play... will he remain stable long enough after birth to perform the surgery and will his left ventricle function properly after birth and after the surgery?  Only time will tell... only God knows at this point.

We are specifically praying that I do not develop hydrops, which means that Preston develops congestive heart failure, in the womb.  As of today this is not the case, but it looks like I will be followed every week at this point to monitor for that.  The prognosis does not look good if that happens.

We were basically told that the odds of survival are about 50/50.  I'm at peace with this.  With odds like that I just have to know that this is in God's hands.  Is there any other way to look at it?  He guided us today, He placed the right people in our lives at the right time. His timing was perfect. I can't give full justice to the situations He presented today through words especially on a blog.  You really had to be there to believe it. At one point my aunt said, "Wow, that was divine intervention."  Good or bad, He's in control of this situation.  He reminded us of that over and over today.

That's all for now. I'm now retiring to the couch with my hubby for the rest of the evening. We have a fun and busy weekend planned, but I wanted to be sure to get an update in before the hustle and bustle of the weekend. I'm good. We're good. We're peaceful.  And we love you guys for loving us, thinking of us, and praying for us.


Kristin said...

whoo hoo! i love me some good news. so glad you had a good appointment today. i am praying for you, friend. ps. thanks for the diagram. i'm a visual learner, you know.

Michelle said...

I love you!
Nice to share a family picture!!
Your testimony does your faith and now even your boldness in HIM and sharing HIS goodness!
Amen to what HE is doing in you and in the lives of those you touch!!!!
Couldn't love you or care for you any more than I do! Xo

Jessi said...

You have such faith. It is definitely inspiring. Praying for your family and that God continues to bless you.

Anonymous said...





Karah said...

Still sending lots of prayers and thankful for good news. God will never forsake you :)

Breann said...

At least some kind of diagnosis gives you something to focus on. We are here for you!

Anonymous said...

John 16:24

Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your JOY WILL BE COMPLETE..........................


Tricia said...

Hi, I just came across your blog. I have not come across anyone with the same diagnosis of aortico-left ventricular tunnel before. My daughter (just turned 12 years old) has this. She had open heart surgery at 36 hours old. She is doing great now, just has yearly check ups. I just thought I'd say hi and I hope your little guy is thriving also! We went through many diagnosis while I was pregnant with her and of all the diagnosis I am thankful for the lesser of them all. The other would have required many more surgeries and had more complications. We are so thankful that with all the worries we went through, she is doing great now.
Take care!