Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Shower No.1: the highlights

How adorable is that cake? I really had a hard time cutting into this cake and its cuteness, but I eventually gave in. The inside was just as good.  (Thanks Erin!)

The top layer is in my freezer now.  Maybe we'll enjoy it when we celebrate Sweet P's homecoming or his 1st birthday. 

Got cute gifts.

Got my baby fix.

Got some thoughtful and generous friends.

Got an amazing family.
me with Preston's aunts

Now for some decor shots of my favorite house...

Look at that kitchen... so good looking. 
That's my sweet friend, Jenn, in the back... she owns this beauty.
Look at that dining room. (Hi Kristin & Christin)

And the formal living room... gorgeous!

P.S. A quick praise... all was "stable" at my OB appointment yesterday. In fact my placental resistance appeared to be improved (I hate to even say that for fear of jinxing our streak of good news) and my doc believes this is a good thing for P's heart. We'll check again on Friday though before I hit up the Nutcracker Market. 


Michelle said...

Stable is awesome! Not sure you will be telling me the same thing about myself tomorrow :(, but soooooooo excited to come and see you!
You look adorable, despite the stressors, pregnancy agrees with you! The glow, the perfect ball belly, etc...just toooooooooooo cute! :)
Love you bunches and bunches!!

ASC said...

So happy to hear about your "stable" update!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Wonderful news!!! You look SO great, Tiffanie! Glowing and always with a smile on your face! I pray for P daily and I know this little guy is a fighter :)

Breann said...

I am missing out on Nutcracker this year. :( My new cankles make walking that huge place a challenge! Have fun and it was wonderful seeing you on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you see cute things for the girls. Might need to go ahead and get them. I was wanted to come down to it this year. Dang