Friday, November 12, 2010

Da Bump @ 31 weeks

"Sometimes," said Pooh 
"the smallest things take up the
most room in your heart."

Two appointments down this week, one to go.
It was decided yesterday... I will have a c-section.
I knew this was a huge possibility, but I still freaked.
Who am I kidding though?
Delivery, whether pushing or c-section, has frightened me from day one.


Laura Utech Pouland said...

you look great, love the nursery too ! Your so talented :)
I had a c-section with Avery , since she was in a Frank Breach postion. I was freaked out too about having the surgery but honestly it was fast and easy.

I am keeping you all in my prayers.

taeandashleypark said...

I am sure you will be overwhelmed with comments like this but I had an emergency c-section and it went great. The greatest part is that you know exactly when they are coming and it goes very quickly.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Da Bump is looking so good!! Take it easy Tiffanie!

aggie said...

Tiffanie you look wonderful! I too freaked about having a c section. Up to the moment in the operating room I was a nervous wreck, but once I heard Arianna's sweet voice nothing else mattered. All moms to be worry about the pain and recovery from the birth process, but it also the same thing you quickly forget about.