Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Honor of Sam.

Next week will mark 3 years since I brought Sam (my peekapoo) home with me from Thanksgiving.
I was so nervous about making that commitment. 
I remember saying this is either going to be the biggest mistake or the biggest blessing.

Turns out he's been the biggest blessing.
Sam kept me company while Tony traveled often for work a couple of years ago.
He's my walking buddy and loves to
strut his stuff through the neighborhood.
He's the best at snuggling.
He never has bad days.
His love is unconditional-- even when I have bad days.

I apologize in advance for all the pics.
I kind of adore this guy. 

Sam @ 6 weeks.  His 1st night home.
Sam's big brother, Frank. 

@ 6ish months

He loves his dad.

Meeting his younger brother for the 1st time and claiming his territory.

Thanks for tolerating all the pictures. 
I adore you, Sammer.  


Anonymous said...

It doesnt seem like we have had them that long does it!!!!

Dont you have a picture with the whole gang at the lake house??


Anonymous said...

well that's just it!!!!Sam comes home for the Liter Celebration!!!!!This pregnancy does not keep him from traveling to the country!!!!!!!!

today is Lexie's 7thB-Day Don't forget

Faith Hope Love

Love Always, Nana