Friday, March 25, 2011

shadow box: west elm

 Thanks for all the sweet comments about the shadow box. I'm glad you like it. 

The shadow box is from West Elm (one of my favorite stores) and I forgot to mention that on yesterday's post. It even comes with the straight pins.  Many of you asked so there you have it.
Here's the link.
Have a good weekend!


Happiness Is... said...

They don't have them any more :(

So sad!

Lloyd Sisters said...

I love the shadow box. It will be a keepsake for life!! Job well done!!

Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

I've seen them at Hobby Lobby too, but not with straight pins.

Cat said...

Oh, I adore West Elm...such a cool store! Just scrolled down and saw your shadow turned out great! I actually have an empty shadowbox just sitting on my dresser waiting to be filled (for like 6 months!), you have inspired me to get my act together :) Happy Monday!