Monday, March 21, 2011

the UK: one year ago.

It's been exactly one year since our last vacation our trip to London. 
It was fun going back through the pics.  Sort of made this tired mommy feel like she was back on vacation again.

Although we loved staying with these two (left upper corner) while in London, we're glad they are back in the states (better yet in the same city) now.

My favorite place, the Easton. Did I ever tell you guys that Easton was one of three options for Preston's name? (Preston, Easton or Oliver)

Borough Market, I still dream of you and your chorizo sandwiches even a year later. 

Oh, how a year changes things!
One year ago our days (for one week) were full of Guinness half-pints and sticky toffee pudding.  Now our days consist of breast milk and poopy diapers :-) 

Thank you for all the memories, London. I hope to return someday soon. 

Kristin, I'm super jealous of your trip to this fabulous city next week. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 


Betsy Lauren said...

I love the name Preston but the name Easton has my heart. When I had twins last November Their names were Easton and Parker. I lost them both to prematurity but everytime I hear the names Easton or Parker (Easton seems to be more and more popular daily) it makes me smile....Preston is beautiful. I keep him in my prayers.

Shannon said...

So fun! I've never been but always wanted to go! Can you imagine how crazy it would be now as they gear up for the royal wedding? Craziness I suspect!

Hope your week is off to a great start!


Kristin said...

i wish you could come with me!

love you bunches!

Happiness Is... said...

I so want to go to London. In fact, the husband doesn't know it but I am scheming a way to go next year for our 5 year anniversary...wonder how to break that news!

Lynett said...

Aw, how fun! Dying to go to London! It looks amazing!