Wednesday, April 27, 2011

product of the week: amazon mom

 Today's post is from one of my favorite mommy bloggers, Breann. Not only is she a fantastic mommy, but man can she cook! She does it all... works full-time, mommies, and then prepares full course meals for her and her hubby almost every night.  Ah-maz-ing! Thanks for putting me to shame over here, Breann.
Hey there fellow bloggies! I am Breann from over at Life and Love of a Parrothead. I have known Tiffanie and Gherkin since college and I have the good fortune of living only one mile away from her precious family! (Jealous? I know you are...)

Tiffanie asked me to write the Product of the Week this week and let me tell you - I had a really hard time picking something. Then I received and email about a shipment from Amazon and went "AHA!"
One of my favorite things ever is AMAZON MOM'S! Have you heard of this? It's a really simple program and... wait for it... it's F-R-E-E.  

Oh man, the savings are awesome. I have compared diaper and wipes prices all over (, and Amazon beats them hands down. For example the box of 162 Size 2 diapers I receive once a month is about $30.00. Looking around, that same amount is well over $45.00. Hey with those savings, I can buy a bottle of wine, ok?

Basically you sign up, turn on 1-click shopping, and subscribe to have a certain item mailed to you at a regular interval (1 month, 6 weeks, etc). And if something happens where you need to delay a shipment or hurry it up, you just go in and click a few buttons and move on down the road. You also get an email a few days before that notifies you that you have a shipment coming up and gives you a chance to make any changes.

It doesn't only apply to diapers. Anything baby that is in the Subscribe-and-Save section qualifies. Baby food, detergent, formula... As long as you stayed signed up and keep buying, you are in.

One of the best features is that just be being an Amazon Mom, you get Prime benefits F-R-E-E. So that means all the other useless stuff you order will be free 2-day shipping. It doesn't even have to be a baby item. 

I hope you will head over and see if Amazon Mom's is for you. Just as a side note, don't get Tiffanie and I started on the Amazon App for the iPhone. I mean, this alone is why I may start living on Ramen noodles. Oooh, is that a subscribe and save item???
Thanks for posting, Breann. Check out her blogs (yes, she has two of them ... overachiever!) if you haven't already, see her cute little dude (Logan), and leave her a comment persuading her to share her secret meatloaf recipe with us.  I have yet to try it, but Mr. Gherkin has and he won't shut up about it says it's divine. (Doubt, she'll share this secret family recipe, but hey a girl can try, right?)


Chloe said...

Oh, thanks for sharing that Breann!!
Too bad I don't have a baby yet! haha ;-)

Missy said...

Amazon mom = great deals (but also lots of trouble for this mommy!) ha

Breann is so the overachiever!!! I'm a stay at home mom and my meals are pathetic in comparison to what she whips up!! Luckily my hubby has no clue what she is doing over there, so he still thinks he has got it made.

Sarah said...

I think I'm definitely going to use this tip! It's so nice to finally be able to say that :)

sweet talker said...

When you subscribe to something like diapers you can always cancel it after you have recieved the item. Meaning, you can order the cheapest size diaper brand this time and then cancel the next shipment with no penalty and then order a different brand next time. I only wish they had target brand unscented wipes, those are still my favorite. For diapers though, it's the best.