Wednesday, April 20, 2011

product of the week: moby wrap

Until I get in the swing of balancing motherhood, my career, and blogging I've asked a few super-fun peeps to guest post for me.  First up is one of my favorite bloggers talking about a product that everyone is raving about. 
Hey everyone...I'm Laura over at Cowboy Boots and Baby Booties

I'm a SAHM to 5.... 3 boys and 2 girls ages 14 to 2 months....and counting!  

Sweet Tiffanie asked if I would like to add to her popular "Product of the Week" series  and I jumped at the chance!  I've got baby on the brain just like Tiffanie...we just had our 5th baby on Feb 1st...soooo needless to say my favorite products as of right now are things that make my life super simple.  

Enter the Life Saver...I mean the Moby Wrap. Yes, by first glance this thing could look intimidating, but I'm telling you if your baby loves to be held close and you want to give your arms and back a break.....this is a must.  

I watched a few videos on You Tube on how to tie the Moby on ...tried it about 3 times and viola...It's super easy!  I like how the baby feels in this carrier too...I don't have to keep one hand on him while I'm walking around like most baby carrier/slings I've tried.  He feels super comfy and close to me ...but yet still free to look around...or lay his head on my chest and fall asleep!

I finally tried it out at Walmart w/Wild Thing (if you follow my blog you'd know what I'm talking about)  and Dude Friend.  The baby carrier would have taken up too much room in the shopping cart for groceries. ...and I'm not even close to letting Lily run loose next to me to walk around while I shop.  Imagine a dog in a bird park....she'd never come back or stay put next to me while I get shopping down.  

So I wore my Moby wrap in the car .....and all I had to do when I got to the store was put the baby in it.  He fell asleep as I was walking around and boom....MOMMY ROCKED GETTING A FEW GROCERIES W/O INCIDENT!  Ok that's not entirely true.  Lily wanted to spin the grocery bag carousel around and the little old lady checker told her to stop and Lily screamed!  Thanks lady for ruining my stress free outing!  

As for the Moby?....I'm glad I purchased one...they start at around $39.99 and money well spent!
Thanks Laura!  I enjoy your blog.  You guys should stop by Cowboy Boots and Baby Booties if you haven't already. Laura's chronicles about raising her kiddos will keep you entertained for sure, and her recipes may be the reason I can't shed the last 13 pounds of my baby weight are divine.


Cheryl E. said...

I have heard such great things about the Moby but it looks very intimidating to me...

Jessica DeWitt said...

LUV my Moby Wrap. I kind of wear it as an outfit on the weekends. Just put him in, take him out. It's SO easy to use. I even started inventing my own wrap holds.

LeAnna said...

Here from Laura's! Love our baby wearing devices, too. I just planted my garden with my 6 month old strapped to our mei tai. Good times, and can I say that I TOTALLY understand everything you have striked out down there in that bottom paragraph. She's got me drooling over her chocolate chip cookies today, after I've swore to quit making them for a while in order to lose the last few baby pounds. That, Laura. ;) But, I'm gonna keep her has a blog friend anyway, 'cause she too sweet.

Shannon said...

Love love Laura!


Cara S. said...

I have not heard one single bad thing about this Moby Wrap. Everyone raves about it! and i think it looks kinda stylish on if i do say so myself. I mean really don't babies make the best accessory anyway, so in my book it is a win, win! New to your blog here and new follower just wanted to say hi!