Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the zoo.

First of all, thanks for the sweet comments, e-mails, texts, prayers, and phone calls on Monday. I'm officially a working mommy.  Monday wasn't so bad.  In fact I didn't even cry. (It probably helped that the nanny was reading him his Baby's First Prayers book before I left ... it was a peaceful feeling) Didn't run home at lunch to see Preston, either, but I may or may not have left the office on two wheels at 4:59 p.m. though.  I came home to a clean house and Preston smiling. Our nanny rocks! 
So anyhow, about the zoo ...
The Mr. took off early to accompany us to the zoo on my last day of maternity leave. Of course this trip was more for me and the Mr. as Preston is still too young to enjoy it and slept most of the time.

the new African exhibit is awesome, and was my favorite.

a chimp cooling off in the shower.

mr. gherkin.

my baby
a baby giraffe.

There's just something about zoos... they bring out the kid in me.
I'm looking forward to the days when Preston gets as excited about the zoo as I do.


Breann said...

I am glad you are adjusting well! I can't wait to see you over the next few days!

Kelli said...

we went to the zoo a few weeks ago too, I swear the same chimp was sitting in that exact spot! my kids loved him being so close to the window, he even put his hand against my sons. Next time we will try to feed the giraffes (we got there too early last time).

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love going to the Zoo!! There are several exhibits that allow us to feed the animals (for a small fortune, of course) but it is fun and something I look forward doing!

PLUS, going to the Zoo on a nice summer day = a GREAT tan!!! Score!

B said...

I love our zoo! And YAY for good nanny's. That's amazing to know that your babe is in good hands.

Stefenie said...

Glad you survived your first day of work without P.

Love the pics from the zoo. It looks like you had a great time together as a family!

Happiness Is... said...

I can't wait to bring Thatcher to the zoo! I am eager to hear how this week goes when you're done and how you're feeling. I am having anxiety over going back to work and it's making it hard to enjoy the last few weeks! I know I just need to savor this time but I am subconsciously stressed. I hate that. So glad that you love your nanny :)

Diane Haynes said...

I love going to the Zoo. So relaxing to take the time you need to have a great day! :)