Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(baby) product of the week: bottle warmers

I remember ordering one from my hospital bed the day after my c-section (hello, amazon's one click shopping), and I'll be honest I ordered the cheapest one with free shipping.  I think it was the whole oh my goodness I may really get to bring my baby home and felt the need to scramble and get the necessities to the casa before he came home.  I wasn't happy with the one I ordered.  It would often get too hot and left a gross brown residue on the bottom. 

When at the Parrothead's house a couple of months ago, Mr. Gherkin saw her Dr. Brown's bottle warmer and was able to try it out himself when heating up P's bottle.  Within minutes I was ordered (by Mr. Gherkin himself) to order that bottle warmer ASAP.  No regrets now.  I love that there's a water reservoir on this one and that your desired warming time is saved each time.

So there you have it...not all bottle warmers are created equal. The few extra bucks are worth it, trust me. 

there was absolutely no compensation from Dr. Brown's or the Handi-Craft Co. for this post. 


Rachel said...

When and if I ever have kids, I'm coming to you for ALL of my product advice...heck, all of my advice in general! Hope things are going well, sweet girl! Happy Wednesday!

averyswifeliz said...

Thanks for advice on this one. I am currently overwhelmed and it's great to see a real Mom's perspective. I added it to my registry right away.

Lisa Johnson said...

Good to know about! I did NOT like the one we had before either. It also got too hot and had yucky brown stuff in the bottom so we threw it away and just started warming the bottle in hot water from the sink. I am so happy and excited to say that we are almost done with bottles - aghhhh! So it's too late to get the bottle warmer now, but if and when we choose to have more babies, I will look into that warmer for sure! Thanks for sharing. :)

Happiness Is... said...

Or you could be irresponsible like me and not warm bottles at all :)

My mom once gave me the advice that if you don't warm bottles, the baby will never know the difference...and it is true. Thatcher will literally drink a bottle straight out of the fridge. Yikes.

Theres just life said...

Tiffanie, I just listed you on my Texas blogger page. I hope that is okay. Check it out here and grab the badge if you want it.

boo and stacy said...

SOLD to the lady who hates to warm bottles!! Thank you for this, I had no idea Dr. Brown's had a warmer! NICE!!!