Wednesday, May 18, 2011

guest post from Cooking Up Faith: a praying mother

Big Fat Mama, from Cooking Up Faith, wrote a guest post for me.  I had no idea what she was going to write about when she offered, but her words came over e-mail at just the right time for me. I needed to read this just when I read it. I needed to be reminded that my son will be watching and learning from me all the time even at a young age. So without further ado, here's Big Fat Mama... 

But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and don't prevent them. For of such is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:14

1. Let your kids catch you reading the Bible - I can still picture in my mind as if it were yesterday... I would come into my parent's room at night to tell them good night before bed and they would be in bed reading. My mom would always be reading her Bible with a pen in hand and a journal writing down notes. She never sat down and told me to read my Bible every day, but by just watching her do it, I now read my Bible daily and my nightstand has a pen and a journal full of my notes. My Bible is full of underlined scriptures and sticky notes of words that speak to me.

2. Have a prayer box - mine is on my nightstand with a notepad and pen by it. Tell your kids if they want you to pray about something for them, write it down, fold the paper, and stick it in the box. Pray for their requests and let them know you did. Start early so you lay a comfortable foundation for them so their prayer requests of "pray that Santa will bring me a dragon costume," will turn into a high schooler's prayer request of "pray for me to make the best choices at a party."

3. Search through your Bible and choose special scriptures that speak to you about each of your children. Write them down and read one or two to them at night before bed.

4. Make teachable moments short and sweet. Sometimes I have so much to say to my children that I want them to know that I tend to ramble, thinking the more I talk the more they will soak in. Not true. Just last week I was outside with my son and we were swinging and I was going on and on about how much God loves him and all the wonderful things God has put in him, and all the things he wants to do with him. He was listening so contently and I thought, wow this is really going well, he's really taking this all in, when he said, "oh, but mom, can lizards fly?" Short and simple sometimes gets to the point better.
Thanks, BFM! I appreciate your tips and your reminders. I adore your ministry (check it out if you haven't already). It's called A Meal in the Mail, and you can read more about it right here.  Just this week in Sunday School we were talking about different ways to get involved in God's ministry and what holds us back from ministering.  I thought about you, your ministry, and how we really do have a number of diverse ways to minister in today's society. 


Libby's Life said...

Makes me think! I definitely need to start paying attention to what I do and say around my son. Because he is 1 in 3 days and I know he is listening to everything I say and watching everything I do! This post really made me realize that he is listening and watching and I need to be careful now!

Big Fat Mama! said...

Thank you so much for your words! How beautiful to read! :)

chair up said...

Love all these ideas. I am going to get a prayer box happening. Thanks :)