Thursday, May 19, 2011


Preston has been cracking me up this week.

He will not take his eyes off the dogs, specifically Carter. They have some kind of special relationship. I mean seriously this boy can go from crying to smiling in two seconds just because Carter walks by.

Speaking of the dogs. They love Rosa, our nanny, probably more than us these days. Carter can be found waiting by the front door in the morning waiting on Ms. Rosa to arrive.

Preston also has this new way of communicating this week in the way of high pitched squeals.  It's quite funny.  His strong-willed personality is definitely starting to come through more and more.   Gone are the days of him taking a bottle in my arms. He wants to be sitting independently in his high chair like a big boy and will proceed to spit out my precious liquid gold his milk if we have him positioned any other way.

This boy knows what he wants that's for sure (like someone else in this house.)  Daddy will have his hands full that's for sure.  P's a fighter, but we appreciate that as his strong-willed, fighting tendencies were sure helpful after his open heart surgery.  

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Meagan said...

I think it's almost the rule, rather than the exception, that these special heart babies are "strong-willed" and fiesty :) God must know what He is doing when He made them that way knowing how they are going to have to fight. Just wait until he is a few months older, then the real fun begins with the strong willed child. Oh, but they are so much fun :) Glad to see him doing so well!

Ashley Paige said...

How did I not know your pup is a Carter? Too funny.. My Carter might as well be a pup as he's currently crawling around the house holding one of those foam mat letters in his mouth.. Sometimes I wonder about these boys.. Bless little P's strong, beautiful heart! Every day I wish I could know what my C was saying with all the squeals, shrieks and babbles that come out of his mouth! Have a great Thursday, Mama!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Don't you just love the squealing?! It just gets louder and more forceful with time! ;) My little one is quite headstrong too. It's crazy how they're born that forceful!!

Lisa Johnson said...

I'm with Meagan! God must make these heart babies especially strong willed. They have to fight immediately, so I think that just sticks. Field is as feisty and strong willed as they come. I see Preston following in his footsteps. It is SUCH a blessing and something we all hoped for. Good job, Preston. Keep it up, buddy!