Tuesday, May 31, 2011

preston's first road trip

Phew.  Preston survived his first long car ride and his first trip to good ol' East Texas.  He slept the entire way both there and back, and as you can see from the pictures below, he enjoyed himself immensely.  We went out to the family lakehouse on Sunday, and Preston learned quite a bit of new things at the lakehouse...

... like learning to drive
{and he did take this thing for a spin while his mommy was having some baby-free time out on the lake}
... how to wear a cap

... and that he likes watermelon.
{it started with him just grabbing the watermelon}
{and then sucking the juice off his fingers}
{then he decided to face plant in the watermelon and lick it}
{and the evidence.}


Missy said...

So cute! I love the face plant picture! They sure do know what they want!! So glad he did so well in the car...such a good boy!
He is so handsome...cannot wait for the 15th!!

Elizabeth said...

He is just so cute! I love the picture of him doing a faceplant into the watermelon! Adorable!

Blogging Blondie

Jessica DeWitt said...

Seems like a few of us went to East Texas for the weekend! I wished I had some Watermelon though!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

He's getting so big!! Adorable pictures!

Lynett said...

Ah! So cute with the face plant in the watermelon! :)

Melanee said...

that is so cute! we went to east texas this weekend too. wish i had as much fun as much fun as you did :/

emily said...

That picture of him really enjoying the watermelon is too cute! Looks like a fun time!

Paige said...

How sweet! He looks like he is really enjoying that watermelon =)
my gender reveal will be posted today!