Friday, May 20, 2011

puppy love

We were saddened to hear about the passing of Carter's girlfriend, Minnie, this week.  Minnie belonged to our neighbors, and her and Carter had a love/hate (but mostly love) relationship.  You see they were through-the-fence lovers.  Carter would pace at the back door all the time, and the minute we would open the door he beelined for the fence to greet Minnie  

Even though Minnie's gone, Carter still beelines for that fence every time he goes out.  My neighbor even heard him, with his nose pressed up to the fence, whining for Minnie last night.  It's heartbreaking.  I'll admit I cried last night when Carter was just sitting at the fence waiting for her (I'm clearly still very hormonal).  R.I.P Minnie.

So, I'm off to Pet Smart to round up some special treats to cheer this little guy up. 

Sorry to end this week on such a sad note, but I do hope you all have a fantastically fun-filled weekend.


Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, your poor little puppers!!!!! Sad!!! Such a cutie!!!! My Schweenie would love him!!!

Missy said...

Literally just had tears in my eyes reading this. Please hormones return to normal soon!

Poor Carter. Bella said she will be his new gf, if he is okay with the long distance thing!

Kirsten said...

I came across your blog and saw this post... I still have tears in my eyes. I hope Carter starting cheering up soon... and I'm liking your blog!

Sarah Kate said...

What a sweet puppy you have! I hope he adjusts to life without his girlfriend. Otherwise you guys might find yourself getting him a new buddy! ;o)

Sarah Kate

Aly @ Analyze This said...

This broke my heart :(

Hope you are all well! Take care :)

Lynett said...

Ay poor Minnie, and poor little Carter :( I'm sure some little treats will cheer him up!

Surviving Suburbia said...

his ears are so cute!