Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{baby} product of the week: Storksak

 I promised to tell more about my diaper bag and then completely forgot until this cute mom-to-be asked for recommendations.

Anyhow after reading all of the reviews out there I picked out the Storksak Emily (it was a gift from the grandparents).  After 5 months of use it still looks great and I still love it.  Here's what I love most about it:
1. it has two hidden insulated pockets on either side.  Very handy in keeping one bottle cold and one bottle warm.
 2. it has an adjustable strap to accommodate over the shoulder or across the body wear. To be honest I wear it across my body most of the time.  There's nothing more annoying that straps that are constantly falling off your shoulder, right?
3. that it doesn't scream "diaper bag" so that I can use it for my own personal use when P's through with it. Perhaps it can be my gym bag?  Ha. If my body only knew what that word meant anymore...

My only complaint about the bag is that it does take a little bit more effort to wiggle items in and out of the bag due to the zipper, but I was reluctant to buy a bag without a zipper (I could just see it falling over constantly with all P's stuff falling out)

So there you have it, and there was no compensation from Storksak for this review.  Just my own personal opinion. 


Jenn-Neal said...

I had a diaper bag without a top zipper and you're right things did fall out. All.The.Time. So, we ended up buying a backpack diaper bag and loved it. However, it's not near as fashionable as yours. :-)

Libby's Life said...

I think I might have to get one of these bags when I have my second baby because my diaper bag was so unorganized & things were always falling out.

P.S. I completely stole your dinner idea and am going to post about it later today. :) Thanks for the inspiration... my hubs & son loved it!

Karah said...

Cute cute. I will look into it. Thanks so much for the rec. :)

Lisa Johnson said...

Super cute. Thanks for sharing. I like my diaper bag, but I have noticed that I like different bags for different occasions. Nice to have variety. :) On another note, I looked down under this blog post under "You Might Also Like," and saw a post of yours titled "Our Secret is Out." I clicked on it, noticed it was written May 30th so I thought it was recent. I failed to see the year 2010 and yes, I know we are now in 2011. I read it and thought you had big news to share and wondered how I missed that. Hahaha, can you imagine? I was about call you immediately! :)

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

Love that it's still stylish! I'm starring this one for later. Love your baby product reviews!

Life Behind the Ivy said...

I don't have a baby yet but that is SO cute! I am def stashing this away for future use!

Stephanie said...

I cannot believe that's a diaper bag! I almost want it but my only baby is a little guinea pig so ... yeah. No need for a diaper bag yet! :)