Friday, June 3, 2011

weekly ramblings

 Hello June!  Hello 100 degree temps! Seriously Houston set some kind of record yesterday by hitting a sweltering 100 degrees this early in June.  (the earliest on record was 1902 or something like that)  

Remember those changes I talked about here.  Well, I almost forgot to follow up and tell you guys about it.  The good news is that Mr. Gherkin landed a new job, and next to being a pilot or getting paid to travel the world it is pretty much a dream job of his.  In fact, he started going back to school taking evening class for his 3rd (will it ever end?) degree a few years ago so he could land a job like this.  He still has another class left, but the opportunity just fell in his lap so he jumped on it.  He started last week and so far so good.  He's excited, and I'm proud of him.  I love it when I pray for direction for my family and then the next step is suddenly very clear. 
Preston turns five months old tomorrow.  (I can now be found crying in a closet somewhere)

I'm in the process of planning Preston's baptism.  Invitations are done (I made them and I love them... I'm trying to be more thrifty these days). I bought his baptism gown already and just need to go pick it up today and have his initials monogrammed on it.  Now the fun party planning begins as we will be having small lunch with mostly family at our house honoring Preston afterwards.  

We were lucky enough to snag a beach photo session with the awesome Kristy this next weekend.  I'm excited and I know the end product will be amazing (because it's Kristy of course), but I'm stressing over what the three of us should wear.  Any ideas or tips?  I'll gladly appreciate any input you guys have.  

Our beloved Whale Wars starts tonight! It's sad how excited Mr. Gherkin and I get about this show.  We look forward to cuddling on the sofa tonight with our sleeping baby (well, he's usually asleep by then) and watching it.  Hello, old folks here. 

Happy Friday! 


Kendall said...

So sweet!

I love the invitations too!

Jules said...

Yay for all of those exciting things going on! I'm already sick of the heat!! Bennett told me he's over it too :)

Brooke said...

Hooray for the job and the invites! Happy to hear I'm not the only dork obsessed with Whale Wars. Y'all should give Swamp People a try too.

Sky said...

yay for a job! and those invitations are lovely :-)

Britney said...

Hiya Tiff!

Usally around here for beach photo sessions the families wear khaki bottoms (capris, pants, shorts, or skirts) with nice white tops (polos or other dress-casual) and they always look great. Nate and I have been wanting to do one but just haven't made the time for it yet. Anyways, just thought I'd present you with an idea.

Love whale wars too! Can't wait for it... setting the DVR too just in case!! :OD

Lisa Johnson said...

So happy for y'all and the new job! Wahoo! The invites are precious. Give our love to Mr. Preston!

Alice said...

Find your outfit first. Then find your son and husband an outfit that coordinates (but not perfectly) with other colors in your outfit.

Turquoise or a bright blue color or even that salmony-peachy color would be really pretty for the beach. Maybe a cute summer dress (you know the long tube top ones) with a white cardigan. If you did turquoise or blue, you could get your son a yellowish colored shirt with turquoise/blue stripes. Same for your husband. If you did the salmony-peachy color, then you could get your son and husband browns (darker kinda) to go with you. Those are just my thoughts.

Try to stay away from being "matchy". Be comfortable, be yourself, and accessorize.

Seriously, if you only take one thing away from what I wrote...PLEASE pick out your outfit FIRST. Every time I have picked out something for my kids first, I can NEVER find something for myself and I end up having to start all over.

FYI - take a blanket to sit on for some pictures. Maybe a white sheet or something like that.

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Yay for Mr. G! That is awesome! I've never heard of Whale Wars- hmmm??? As for the pics, we've done 2 family shoots and just coordinated colors instead of wearing identical outfits- but for the beach, I always like white tops on everyone and khaki or denim on the bottom. Such a classic look- it never goes out of style!

Missy said...

Tell baby daddy I said congrats!! That is awesome! I have been ansy waiting for the news!!

Cannot wait to see the pics, Kristy always does an amazing job!

Theres just life said...

Congratulations on the new job. The invitations are great, you did a good job on them.

Old parents.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...


Anonymous said...

Happy 5 months today Preston!!!!!!
Hugs and Kisses from Mawmaw and the family in Lufkin

amy darbonne said...

From working at a photography studio, I definitely suggest white tops and khaki/denim bottoms...those always photograph well. So classic! And if you want to be a little different, you could even go with a white dress...something casual, a maxi, or flowy skirt. If you don't want to put Preston in "baby jeans"...overalls look super cute ;) Untucked shirts and bare feel too :)


amy darbonne said...

Oops-- that last line should say bare "feet!"

And while I am posting again, let me add that seersucker looks great in beach portraits too :)

emily said...

Congrats on your hubby's new job! How exciting!

Happiness Is... said...

Love the invites! Where did you end up finding the gown???