Monday, July 11, 2011

freudian slips.

     Source: via Tiffanie on Pinterest
Ok, so Mr. Gherkin keeps a running list of my stupidisms and my ever growing freudian slips. He really gets a kick out of these, and thankfully I've grown to laugh at myself.  Anyhow, he insists his list be made public now via a blog post.  So here goes.

Here's the top of the list...

Freeze that cake out aka thaw that cake out.
Like a rabbit jumping on his prey (in reference to Carter pouncing on one of his toys).
Don't get all high pitched with me meaning don't raise your voice.
Fake believe-  what I really meant to say was make believe.
Are Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg brothers? (true story)
Is Canada a country or a continent? (hangs head low in shame but in my defense the question came out all wrong... I know/knew Canada isn't a continent)

If that isn't enough, here's the next page on his list:

I don't understand the legit of that.
Watch out for the bike-a-list! (as a cyclist speeds past us)
Can you fast forward it? (in referring to live television one evening)
Snow leaves (That slipped out as Hurricane Ike beat down on us a couple of years ago & alcohol may or may not have been involved)

And the most recent (drum roll please....)

Guess the tooth fairy comes tonight in talking about Preston's first tooth.  Mr. Gherkin immediately gave me that look. You know the look where he hangs his head low in shame while shaking it slowly side to side in disbelief and reminds me the tooth fairy only pays a visit when someone loses a tooth.  Duh, I knew that!

So that's me. The real, unedited me.
The great thing is that some of these were years ago and some within the past couple of week, but at any given time either of us can remember one and just bust out laughing.  Then we find ourselves laughing even harder as we try to explain why we are laughing.


The Exchange said...

LOL! They are hysterical! My favorite is "fake believe"! LOL! I keep a running list of my husband's sayings, he's from Georgia and I should post them too! They are so funny! How are you? You're gonna let me know when you head North right? Cheers! Cyndy

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

girl you and i could be best friends and our husbands can sit in the corner and pretend to not be related to us. i have a list like yours...only my husband will smack his forehead with his palm...

Breann said...

Heheh i am sure if I thought about it long enough I could think of a few things to add! HAH! But I have what Lee calls, fun facts. Meaning useless information I tell him that he could care less about.

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Too funny! I've totally said the "fast forward tv" thing too- I get too used to watching recorded shows! I love that pic of you and Preston!!

Melissa said...

My husband and I have daily exchanges just like this! The best was when we were prepping for a party and after blowing up 30 or so balloons (by mouth) I could not figure out why they weren't floating. D'oh. He got a good long laugh out of that one! I remind him that at least I make him laugh...sounds like you do the same too!


Lisa Johnson said...

Ha! We have those all of the time in our house too. Brad and I both! The other day, a high school girl and her mom cut out in front of us in the neighborhood almost causing a wreck. We noticed it was a high school driver and then Brad said he could tell her mom was in the front seat yelling at her for cutting out in front of us. I asked Brad, " What did the mom tell her?" Like he could hear the conversation! Ha! I don't think before I speak! :)

Melanee said...

i love the tooth fairy one!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

This made me laugh! When I moved to Missouri for a while, my coworkers kept a list of my "Georgia speak". When they said it back, I sounded ridiculous, but they were my normal sayings!

The Smith Family said...

My husband and I just laughed so hard as I read this to him because I am worlds worst at this too!! He just looks at me and shakes his head

Happiness Is... said...


I used to think that Rock the Kasbah was "rock the cash bar" (which are, by the way, my biggest pet peeve).


aggie said...

Oh Tiffany, you've got me in tears. Tooth fairy...really:)! I love your sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself...something I don't do enough. I loved the laugh!