Wednesday, August 31, 2011

excuse my absence.

I've been a tad bit preoccupied lately, and blogging has been last on my list. What's kept me so busy you ask?

Well, besides this little guy (and baby proofing my house now that I have a crawler)...
Mr. P in his Keith Haring pjs.  I think the heart design is cute and appropriate, don't you? 

I'm officially on The Hunger Games train. Better late than never, huh?  I don't remember who all recommended The Hunger Games when I asked for new book recommendations, but it was quite a few of you.  Too bad none of you warned me about how addicting the books are!  Seriously, I go to bed dreaming about Katniss and Peeta, y'all.  I need a life.

It's almost time for football, and I've readied my fantasy football team.  I had to up the ammi this year.  My friend, Aimee, won last year after picking her team based on who was the cutest, who had the best dreads, who didn't fight dogs or use drugs.  I'm not nearly as creative and had to do some homework (aka consult my all-knowing, sports-loving father on who to pick).  It's a couples league, guys against girls, so there's been quite a bit of trash talking around here this week (especially since Gherkin stole one of the guys I wanted).  It's crazy how competitive the Gherk and I get over this fantasy football stuff.  Let the fun begin...

I'm trying to start studying for my recertification exam.  It's so hard to do (there's a ton of other things I would rather be doing), but I got to get with it.  Know what I mean?

Finally, we're headed back to the hospital tonight to visit with my PawPaw one last time before he gets discharged home and is two hours away.  Continued prayers, especially for peace and comfort, are coveted.

I should be back up and running over the next few weeks (especially since I have some fun product reviews and giveaways coming in that I can't wait to share).

Until then, hip hip hooray for Labor Day and long weekends.  Toodles

{all images above are  my own or from google }

Saturday, August 27, 2011

favorite august photo

I'm linking up with The Paper Mama's weekly photo challenge: favorite photo from August. Here's mine...

I've been trying to spruce up my photography skills and have been playing around with my camera shooting in manual mode only.  I will admit though that this photo was entirely an accident.  I have no idea how I got it  and I'm sure I'll never be able to recreate it (Kristy, help!), but I luurve it. 

I love those eyelashes and the texture (thanks to the sea salt...we were at the beach) in his hair.

Linky below will take you to more adorable photos.

The Paper Mama

Thursday, August 25, 2011

product of the week: for diaper rash

Preston had a tad bit of diaper rash a couple of weeks ago. I'd heard that rosebud salve could treat diaper rash, and after trying a couple of those thick white pasty creams and still seeing some raw, red cheeks I decided to give the rosebud salve a try.  It worked like a charm, and things were soon smooth as a baby's bottom (no pun intended) once again.

It smells good, it's affordable, and it comes in a small container that doesn't take up much room on the changing table or in the diaper bag. Oh, and a little bit goes a long way.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what I know now.

one-- The ABC song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune.
Go ahead...
Finished singing yet? I'm right, huh?  If not the same, then very similar. And to think I've known both songs for 30 years and just realized.

 two-- I couldn't survive, or actually my baby wouldn't survive, without mommy networks.  Thank God for my mommy friends especially all you twitter mommies who will reply within seconds when I need formula recommendations or when it's 9 pm and my baby is vomiting.  And my "mom hour" girls... Sunday's mom hour rocked.  I love you gals.

three--  Not all diapers are created equal.  Last week Preston woke up screaming with a wet sleep sack and wet pjs... Huggies.  Tuesday, 3 am, Preston is wet and screaming again... Huggies.  Thought I would give them a try, but Huggies at night are a no go. (for us at least)

four-- I don't know how I make it through some days.  I know you other moms can relate, right?  Don't leave me hanging here.  Being a mommy ain't easy and then add being a wife, chores, paying bills (and the children's hospital calling you every other week to remind you of your balance due even though you just made your monthly payment last week), quiet time/devotional time, blogging, mom hour (ha!)... and I still want to do more (like volunteer and give back to my community and my church).  One day my head will stop spinning, right?  Speaking of that, have you read the book, I Don't Know How She Does It?

It's a cute book, and I'm looking forward to the movie. It'll be a "mom hour" outing, ok?

five-- Despite spending a ton of money on some of the most fascinating toys on the market, my baby will still choose my cell phone or his grandpa's hat to play with time and time again. I don't get it.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

ready or not.

After a month of scooting backwards and a couple of weeks of rocking back and forth on all four, Mr. P started crawling on August 16th at seven and a half months old.

We also had to lower the crib mattress after getting an "OMG" text message from my nanny saying she was scared to leave Preston alone in his crib because he learned how to pull up.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

product of the week: surprise, surprise.

Appropriately so my product of the week is my new Erin Condren Life Planner.  If you're on twitter you know that this little baby has been everyone's product of the week for a couple of weeks now thanks to the Plum District special. ha!

Well, mine just arrived and I'm linking up with Meredith at merry & bright with photos of My Life Planner.

{family name blurred for privacy reason}

Remembering what Emily said about these being life changing, I ordered a set to use with my planner.

Off to bed now with my daily devotionals and to get started planning my life, ha! :-)

the diaper bag series

 I'm over at Hello Jack today participating in The Diaper Bag Series.

Check it out here. Don't forget to check out the adoable little Jack also. I'm dying over this outfit.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

follow-ups (my pawpaw and blurb book).

First and most importantly, many of you are asking about my sweet PawPaw (thanks and read here if you missed the earlier post).  Over the weekend our worst fears were confirmed... he has a tumor in his pancreas.  He is still in liver failure, kidney failure, and he is experiencing muscle breakdown.  Currently the doctors are saying he's too weak and sick for chemo and/or surgery, but thankfully he was transferred to the Texas Medical Center in Houston last night which means that I get to go give him a ginormous hug tonight. 

Secondly, here's some of the inside pages (that some of you asked to see) of Preston's book that I posted about here.  Don't forget the promo code expires on August 31st if you're in the market for a photobook.

The pictures are not blurry in real life... I guess I just didn't adjust my camera appropriately when taking pictures of the pages.

Friday, August 12, 2011

pinnable me: falling forward

Pinterest is killing me lately with the pictures of all things fall related and the seriously delicious recipes that keep popping up.  For me fall can't get here soon enough (you know it's my favorite season, right?) and I'm never going to be able to shake the last 10 pounds of baby weight I'm still carrying with all those dang recipes being posted. 

S'mores, pumpkin desserts, dark nail polish, BOOTS, football...  here are some of my favorite fall-related pins.

Source: via Haddy on Pinterest

I'm linking up with Stefanie today at Paw prints and Pastry bags.  Thanks for all the prayers and kind thoughts on my PawPaw.  Dialysis was started last night, and we're still waiting on answers to figure out exactly what is going on. 
Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

See this man?

He's my grandpa and he's in the hospital with a number of serious issues going on. 
My grandparents are super duper special to me, to my whole family... they're the cheese to our macaroni.  Get it?

So if you have a few seconds to send some prayers up with his name on them I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

blurb photobook (& discount code)

I've been meaning to post about the memory book I made for Preston. The book holds the story and pictures of his birth, open heart surgery, and the first few weeks of his life.  I used Blurb again (remember my Italy book here), and once again I was not disappointed.

Here's the outside of the book. I was hoping to get pictures of the inside, but once I wrangled it away from Mr. P the lighting was not good.  Oh well

Blurb is offering 20% off books through August 31st with promo code BLURB20.  I unfortunately do not need one right now, but come January I will start making one to conclude P's first year of life.  Go get yours today.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

water soothes me.

Our beach trip was short but much needed.
I was feeling a little burned out.  A little down in the dumps.  A little anxious about saying good bye to the breast pump (yes, I'm stopping this week).  Nothing that a short beach trip couldn't fix though.

As for Preston, he LOVED being at the beach.  He took a nap on the beach (under a tent of course) everyday and enjoyed the pool a bit more than at Lost Pines. Perhaps it was because he had two cousins there that kept him well entertained.

And since we're on the topic of the ocean, Preston would like to send a shout out to Uncle Michael and family and say thanks for this pretty awesome gift that arrived on his doorstep a couple weeks ago.  Thanks guys! I love that it's named Preston, and Gherkin loves that it reminds him of summers he spent learning to sail off the Washington coast. 

The pictures don't do it justice.  It's about a foot tall and the woodwork and details are perfect.

Monday, August 8, 2011

{baby} product of the week: papillon baby bath ring seat

 Back in May I spent almost two hours researching bath seats for Mr. P from my iPhone during our Memorial weekend car ride. After reading the reviews on Amazon I ordered this

It's a soft ring that you tie around the baby's waist that allows them to sit up in the big tub, have a little freedom of their own, free both of mommy's hands, and keep them from going under if they lean forward or fall back.  It is recommended that the baby be fully able to sit up on their own.

 My only complaint is that it does need an extra "petal" to give it 100% more stability in my opinion, but I really love that there's no stinkin' bar that goes between the legs.  I could just see P slipping in one of those hard seats with a bar hitting in between his legs. I don't know for sure but I'm thinking that could be a tad bit painful.

All that being said I must make a disclaimer:  I never leave Preston alone while bathing and I do not think that's the intention of this bath ring.  He loves it because he gets to move around more without me hanging onto him constantly, and I love it because I can use both hands to wash or just stand back and watch him splash around in his tub. 

No compensation was received for the writing of this post, and this post contains my own personal opinions.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

the paper mama photo challenge.

 I'm linking up for The Paper Mama's photo challenge today.

I love looking into these big brown eyes.  And look at the scar from his open heart surgery... you can barely see it now.

Preston and his daddy share some long, deep conversations over this scar. They like to make up stories about how P really got that scar.  Stories like how P survived a shark attack or how he is a superhero and got the scar fighting off scary villains. Whatever the story, they're just sure the scar will help P win over the ladies when he's older.  Chicks dig scars, right?

The Paper Mama

There are some really adorable photos linked over at The Paper Mama. Click the above button to check them out. 

one very special message here ...

Preston has a very special message for his daddy today especially since his daddy is off having a bachelor  fun weekend on the west coast.

I sure do miss you, daddy.  Mom's keeping me plenty busy on my first trip to the beach, but it sure isn't the same without you.

If you were here I'd give you lots of sloppy sugars.  Maybe I'll save some for when you get home.

Love you oodles!

Sign made out of my new favorite thing, chalkstock. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the beach.

Hopefully the beach will make these 100+ temps we are having a bit more bearable because that's exactly where we're heading for the next few days.


What's P been up to?

Here you go, peeps (and yes, I realize I'm mainly talking to my dad).  Here's your Preston fix.

Mr. Gherkin and Preston accompanied me to a medical conference this past week at the fantabulous Hyatt Lost Pines resort in Bastrop.  My mornings were spent in lectures about wound care and antibiotics (jealous, aren't you?), but my afternoons were spent going round and round the lazy river in a tube with a baby on my lap.

this one's for you, Bubba and Dad.

The butterfly garden and an animal-filled pasture were located conveniently right outside our room.

This is Boo Boo, the llama. With a fro like that he quickly became my favorite.

Trooper, the donkey, and Preston were fast friends.

We roasted marshmallows for s'mores.

And since every post this week is supposed to include a shout out to Mr. Gherkin (here's why) ... thanks for making us laugh real hard all weekend, Gherk. You are one pretty funny dude.


Monday, August 1, 2011

product of the week: men's edition

In honor of Mr. Gherkin's birthday this Saturday, I will be giving him a shout out during the posts this week.  Up first I'm sharing one of his favorite products.

Think I'm bad, well, my hubby is also highly addicted to products especially all products pertaining to shaving.

He used to be a Kiehl's and/or Origin's only type of guy, until I stuffed his stocking with C.O. Bigelow Menthol Shave Cream this past Christmas.  He's been asking for more ever since.

I found it initially at Bath and Body Works (and actually snagged it for two bucks using a coupon during one of the holiday sales last year) but recently ordered it from Amazon when BBW sold out.

Looking for a gift for the man if your life?  If so this would be the perfect, according to Mr. Gherkin, birthday gift, stocking stuffer, or just because I felt like it gift.