Monday, August 8, 2011

{baby} product of the week: papillon baby bath ring seat

 Back in May I spent almost two hours researching bath seats for Mr. P from my iPhone during our Memorial weekend car ride. After reading the reviews on Amazon I ordered this

It's a soft ring that you tie around the baby's waist that allows them to sit up in the big tub, have a little freedom of their own, free both of mommy's hands, and keep them from going under if they lean forward or fall back.  It is recommended that the baby be fully able to sit up on their own.

 My only complaint is that it does need an extra "petal" to give it 100% more stability in my opinion, but I really love that there's no stinkin' bar that goes between the legs.  I could just see P slipping in one of those hard seats with a bar hitting in between his legs. I don't know for sure but I'm thinking that could be a tad bit painful.

All that being said I must make a disclaimer:  I never leave Preston alone while bathing and I do not think that's the intention of this bath ring.  He loves it because he gets to move around more without me hanging onto him constantly, and I love it because I can use both hands to wash or just stand back and watch him splash around in his tub. 

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ASC said...

Such a cute idea! I'm looking for a new tub now and this may be perfect :)