Tuesday, August 9, 2011

water soothes me.

Our beach trip was short but much needed.
I was feeling a little burned out.  A little down in the dumps.  A little anxious about saying good bye to the breast pump (yes, I'm stopping this week).  Nothing that a short beach trip couldn't fix though.

As for Preston, he LOVED being at the beach.  He took a nap on the beach (under a tent of course) everyday and enjoyed the pool a bit more than at Lost Pines. Perhaps it was because he had two cousins there that kept him well entertained.

And since we're on the topic of the ocean, Preston would like to send a shout out to Uncle Michael and family and say thanks for this pretty awesome gift that arrived on his doorstep a couple weeks ago.  Thanks guys! I love that it's named Preston, and Gherkin loves that it reminds him of summers he spent learning to sail off the Washington coast. 

The pictures don't do it justice.  It's about a foot tall and the woodwork and details are perfect.


ASC said...

Sweet baby! The beach pictures are adorable!

kristyo15 said...

LOVE it! :) We are still going to do a session at the beach....just letting you know. Lol. Sweet P is getting SO big.

emily said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Such gorgeous pictures!

Happiness Is... said...

I stopped pumping recently - please let me know if you want tips (or just to vent / need support!) He gets cuter and cuter by the day!

Stefenie said...

I love the pictures!!