Wednesday, October 12, 2011

product of the week: Kenra blow-dry spray

My sister gave me a bottle of this stuff last week while I was home, and I am here to tell you that it made this girl, who's known for going to bed with wet hair because she hates drying her hair, have a change of heart about her blow dryer. 

First of all, this stuff smells super-duper good, but here's the game changer for me... it takes me just a few minutes to dry my hair (and style it with a brush while drying) after using this spray.  Can't really tell you how long it took me before because I rarely dried my hair fully, but when I did I was a hot mess.  I mean who wants to take a shower and then break a sweat blow-drying your hair right afterwards?

Only teeny tiny negative thing I can say about the product is that it does make my hair appear a tad bit more oily quicker.  Not a huge deal to me because I usually have to wash my hair daily, but it may not be a good choice if you're one who likes to go a day or two between washes.

**No compensation was received for writing this post. The opinions are all my own.  It was just a gift that I love and wanted to share.


Jess ♥ said...

I LOVE Kenra products! Once upon a time I was a stylist. It was my favorite brand to style with. ALL Kenya product smells awesome! Especially the hair spray! :)

Try not applying the product on the roots of your hair to keep the oils from appearing quicker!

Good Luck, Have FUN! :)

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i hear ya about getting hot blow drying esp in texas

i go every 2 between washing...i hate hate blow drying...i can't air dry b/c i have super curly hair and it's got got got to be blown out.

Maria said...

Agreed! I hate blow drying my curly hair cuz it takes for.ever. But I feel great when it is straight and not frizzy. Florida humidity is my arch nemesis! I should give this product a try.

Lucy Davis said...

I went and bought this stuff and it has changed my life!!!! LOVE it! Thanks for the recommendation!