Wednesday, November 30, 2011

mr. p's holiday wish list.

1. these tiny TOMS

2. tickle monster kit  (ordered).  Preston participated in a book exchange and has received some great classics for his library so far, but this one was too cute to pass up. I also like the Boogie Monster kit, but I think he will enjoy that one more in a couple of years. See pricing info below...
I did my research on this and Amazon has by far the best price here.

3. a new and personalized sippy cup

4.  who doesn't love a ball pit?

5.  a personalized wooden puzzle stool  (ordered already since it takes 6-7 weeks)
Preston loved playing with his friend's (hi, Allie!) a while back so Santa put an order in for one soon afterwards. 

6.  this Melissa and Doug crawl tunnel since Preston thinks it's hilarious to crawl in between our feet and in between the chair legs. 
image via, available here

I'm super pumped up about Preston's first Christmas.
I'm also super duper excited about his first birthday just two weeks later.
Two major events in two weeks... good for the economy... bad for my wallet...

On that note, are there any toddler must-haves out there that I need to consider?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a little bit about mr. P.

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Can you believe I didn't take one picture of my family on Thanksgiving day?  Mommy fail, I know. 

I did get my hands on our family portraits taken by none other than Kristy of Owens Originals Photography.  Of course it would be Kristy... No one else has ever photographed Mr. P (see here, here, herehere, here, or here.)

We broke out P's stash of Christmas pajamas (love!) and lit our first fire of the season. 

While home for Turkey day we took a cranky and sleepy Preston to see Rudolph, the red-nosed pumping unit, which has been a hometown tradition for 45 years and sends a ton of childhood memories flooding back.  Preston LOVED it!  He started squealing in the car as we pulled up.  The squeals continued off and on, but he mainly walked around mesmerized with big eyes and mouth wide open. Then he proceeded to stay up until 10 o'clock that night. Fun, fun! I guess he was just too excited to sleep. 

sorry for the awful iPhone pic, but you get the idea.  right?

Stay tuned for P's wish list... it's coming up tomorrow. 

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Monday, November 28, 2011

product of the week: holiday edition


I LOVE this stuff.  I have a goal to collect every color.  I'm off to a slow start, but I have the red and the blueberry if anyone feels so inclined to surprise me with another color.

A spool lasts forever, and I use it year round for just about everything and every gift.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. 

free printable here

In preparing this post, I read through the posts I wrote last year during the week of Thanksgiving.  What a year! I'm most thankful for my Lord and the ways He taught me to trust and be thankful in all circumstances. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

I'm forever grateful and thankful for my blessings this year, especially this one. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

my holiday {or anniversary} wish list.

these toms.

a roll of these disposable (however, the salesperson vows they can be washed and reused) cotton napkins.  (or I'll take the linen)
a new cosmetics case. (this is more of a need, you would die if you could see the condition my current one is in)

a date night here with the hubs.

this book.
available here

a pineapple hand towel.  why not?

Stay tuned.  Mr. Gherkin tells me he will be submitting his wish list next week.  This should be interesting since last year he gave me two options:  1) an airplane or 2) to hang out with NeNe from RHOA for a day. Totally realistic, right?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

what's on my mind: old school tv

Completely random post here, but remember those old-school tv shows? You know the ones that remind you of your childhood?  The ones that send a ton of memories flooding back when you all of the sudden hear one of the theme songs one day?

These shows and theme songs make me all nostalgic of the simple times in life.  A time in my life when I didn't have bills to pay. A time when all I had to worry about was whether or not my math homework was done.  A time in my life when I could eat all the carbohydrates I wanted (carb addict, here) without worrying about the lbs or diabetes.  They also make me miss home and my family like crazy (that's another post all together... I've been a little homesick lately).

Let's reminisce for a minute.

I thought Winnie was the bomb back in the day.

And who didn't have the biggest crush on Kirk Cameron?

Hello, TGIF!

This last one, the theme song from Cheers, is probably my favorite.  I never really watched the show because you see it came on at 10:30 p.m. right after the late night news (and that was certainly past my bedtime), but I can remember hearing the song seep through my bedroom walls every single night. It certainly reminds me of my younger days and of home. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

product of the week: holiday edition

Thankfully (for my stress level), my Christmas shopping is over half way complete, and I'm gearing up to start wrapping those gifts.

I love this red striped fabric tape.
I found a roll a Paper Source a few weeks ago, and it certainly got me in the Christmas wrapping spirit.

Speaking of Paper Source, I could spend hours in that store.  Anyone else?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

a favor for a cute couple {and the Humane Society}

Ok, readers, I have a favor to ask of you...

This cute engaged couple, Annie Blaylock and Tyler McQueen, are from right here in Houston, and they are 1 of 11 couples who are finalists in the national contest on Facebook called Entwined 2012, the Ultimate Wedding Giveaway.  They could win the wedding of their dreams... and it's all based on the number of votes.  Voting is open through Tuesday, November 15th, at midnight.  Only one vote per person. Please help this darling hometown couple with your vote!

The best part is that they've pledged $3000 to the Houston Humane Society if they win.

Go here to vote.  It only takes a couple of clicks. That's it. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

grateful heart: cardiology update.


I was reminded of this today.
You see we paid a visit to Preston's cardiologist this morning (I adore her!) and she gave Preston two thumbs up.

His heart function still looks great!  His valves (the mitral and aortic) still look sloppy, but they work and work well.  That's what counts at this point.

His heart still looks very large on the chest xray, but she's optimistic that he will "grow into his heart." She was on the verge of stopping his one medication he takes for his heart function, but she erred on the side of caution, given the size of his heart, and decided to keep him on it and increase the dose.

We've been released from clinic for a year, and a big hallelujah to that since we were there for six hours today.

God is good, and we can never praise Him enough for His blessings. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

what's on my mind: he said what?

'tis true and borrowed from pinterest.

I've been taken back by some of the comments I've received since having Preston.  They're not all that terrible, and I hope know these people mean no ill will but I'm just a little shocked at how blatant folks have been during this postpartum period.

These are some of the remarks I received since having Preston:

"You look different."
"You don't have a baby face anymore."(nope, wrinkles instead)
"You look more mature."
"Can't quite explain it, but you look different"
"You look tired." (I get that one more than I care to admit)

What the heck do these type of comments mean?  Sometimes I just laugh and smile and completely brush off these comments.  Some days though I wake up on the wrong side of the bed (shocker!) and these comments rub me the wrong way.

And my favorite post-partum comment is...

"You've got more curves."

Well, thank you, captain obvious. Thanks for pointing out the extra 10 pounds.

The most recent comment though, and the one that really made me laugh, came from one of my dear patients. A patient who reminds me of my dad and whom I am pretty fond of.  As I was walking out of the exam room, wishing him a happy holiday season, he stops me and says...

You little much better with a little meat on your bones. 

No, seriously, he really said that.  First up, let me assure you that I had meat on my bones before Preston. Secondly, I actually kind of love his comment.  Maybe I was just in a chipper mood that day, but it made me  Even my nurses joined in on the laughter. 

So I get it, I probably do look different.  Yes, I have bags under my eyes.  Yep, I'm still 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, and sure it's very likely I have some wrinkles and frown lines now after the pregnancy that I went through (all totally worth it might I add).  I get it, and I'm dealing.

Do you ever get these kind of random remarks from almost complete strangers?  Remarks that could certainly be meant as a compliment, but remarks that happen to be interpreted by a tired, new mommy who's worried about how obvious it is that she trying to fit into her old, one size too small jeans.  How do you respond? Got anything witty for me to use as a comeback?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i'm a pansie lover.

Pansies are my absolute favorite fall/winter flowers.  

Mr. Gherkin and I have started a little tradition of planting pansies together every fall.  We've done it every year since we've been home owners so this would make it our fifth year of pansy-planting.  We always pick a weekend, and we always do it together.  It's something I look forward to each year. 


This weekend we spontaneously decided it would be our pansy-planting weekend and we did just that on Sunday afternoon.  I'm usually partial to the yellow pansies, but I switched it up this year and we planted a mixture of purple and white pansies. 

Turns out that we planted pansies the very same weekend last year.  How do I remember you ask? Well, because exactly one year ago this past weekend our main baby shower took place and we threw those pansies in just before our out of town guests arrived in town. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

product of the week: a bath time essential.

While Preston has more recently started freaking out when water runs down his face, I tried and tried to come up with something creative to keep the water out of his face when washing his hair.  Well, my creativity failed me.  Nothing I could come up with worked and I was left with a screaming baby.  So I decided to risk it and buy yet another bath visor (the first one I bought was a complete waste of mula). 

On Friday morning, P and I headed over to my favorite baby store, Right Start, and picked up the Splash Guard Lil' Rinser for seven bucks (a couple dollars off thanks to a discount card).  Ohmygoodness, this thing made hair washing a breeze.  It took a couple of rinses for Preston to realize that the water, albeit on his head, was not coming down in his face and he quickly resumed playing with his rubber duck. 

 images via Right Start

Friday, November 4, 2011

double digits.

 Happy 10 months, Preston!

Time got away from me today and I forgot the usual picture with his 10 month onesie, but here's one of my favorite pics of my 10 month old today.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Know what's so special about the word agua?

Come on, you have to know. 

Ok, I'll give you a little hint...  It involves this little cutie patootie. 

Yep, it's officially his first word, and it sounds so cute coming from those little lips! 

I'll be honest, I was a little saddened that it wasn't mama (which he babbles all the time but has yet to use it intentionally... same with dada).  

So agua it is... just two days before he turns 10 months. So does this mean I have a bilingual baby?

p.s. I'm going to have a bilingual baby (thanks to my nanny) and I'm not bilingual.  That should be fun. :)
p.p.s.  Thanks for letting me be a proud mommy today.