Wednesday, November 30, 2011

mr. p's holiday wish list.

1. these tiny TOMS

2. tickle monster kit  (ordered).  Preston participated in a book exchange and has received some great classics for his library so far, but this one was too cute to pass up. I also like the Boogie Monster kit, but I think he will enjoy that one more in a couple of years. See pricing info below...
I did my research on this and Amazon has by far the best price here.

3. a new and personalized sippy cup

4.  who doesn't love a ball pit?

5.  a personalized wooden puzzle stool  (ordered already since it takes 6-7 weeks)
Preston loved playing with his friend's (hi, Allie!) a while back so Santa put an order in for one soon afterwards. 

6.  this Melissa and Doug crawl tunnel since Preston thinks it's hilarious to crawl in between our feet and in between the chair legs. 
image via, available here

I'm super pumped up about Preston's first Christmas.
I'm also super duper excited about his first birthday just two weeks later.
Two major events in two weeks... good for the economy... bad for my wallet...

On that note, are there any toddler must-haves out there that I need to consider?


Anonymous said...
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Alice said...

We have the Tickle Monster book, love it! Colton likes to wear the gloves around. Haha!

Those Toms are so cute. We are getting a ball pit. And his grandpa made him a name stepstool. He makes one for all the grandkids.

I'd say some fun music toys (Melissa & Doug have a Band in a Box toy that looks fun).

Virginia said...

Love Preston's Christmas many cute ideas!!! Now I must hunt down those precious pair of Toms for Britton and the Ball pit. Although, I do have visions of me picking up balls from every nook and cranny of the den b/c my boy sure does love to throw things;)

Donald said...

Ohh, saw the "Monster" kits at the store and fell in love with them. Got the Boogie one for the 3yo nephew (he LOVES to dance) and can't wait to see him try it out.

And Logan absolutely *is* the Tickle Monster, so that'll probably a gift for Mini Nash next year. ;)

Lindsey and Greg said...

Thanks for posting this list! I immediately ordered the Tickle Monster book for my 2 1/2 year old niece! What a fun idea!!

The Fields Family said...

I saw a really cute idea on Pinterest where they bought cheap balls and made a ball pit in the pack-n-play! I've thought about copying the idea.

The Brown Family said...

Just a ball pit idea for you...I bought 700 balls (I started with 300 and quickly figured out that it wasn't enough) and filled up a blowup pool. We have it in the common area upstairs and my girls LOVE it! It is, by far, the most popular toy in the house.

Anonymous said...

Big bag of mega blocks. Both of mine love them and play with them often

Happiness Is... said...

The idea of a ball pit in the pack n play (or blow up pool) is brilliant! Thatcher loves the tunnel - went and ordered him one after I saw the idea (no idea why I hadn't thought of it!)

Mrs. Pretty said...

Those teeny-tiny Toms are such a win, as is that name puzzle - my boy has one of those benches, and he just loves playing with it now.

We're also considering doing the pack n' play ball pit trick as a Christmas gift, though I'm not sure I want to deal with the cleanup duty involved with that one - my boy will inevitably chuck the balls out here, there & everywhere . ..