Tuesday, November 22, 2011

my holiday {or anniversary} wish list.

these toms.

a roll of these disposable (however, the salesperson vows they can be washed and reused) cotton napkins.  (or I'll take the linen)
a new cosmetics case. (this is more of a need, you would die if you could see the condition my current one is in)

a date night here with the hubs.

this book.
available here

a pineapple hand towel.  why not?

Stay tuned.  Mr. Gherkin tells me he will be submitting his wish list next week.  This should be interesting since last year he gave me two options:  1) an airplane or 2) to hang out with NeNe from RHOA for a day. Totally realistic, right?


Missy said...

You mean you never hooked him up with either gift...slacking T!

I think you have a great wishlist and Mr. Gherkin if you are reading this...she needs it ALL!!

Dianna said...

LOVE those napkins! I can't wait to read Mr. Gherkin's list.

Lynett B. said...

I love everything on your list, especially those Toms! Hope you get everything you wish for (or at least one!)

Happiness Is... said...

Doesn't a date night just sound heavenly? A nice night out is such a gift!

4Eighteen said...

Great list! I recommend this makeup bag:


It is oilcloth inside as well so you can wipe out any spillage. = ) It will last for years, everyone I know who owns it, loves it!