Wednesday, November 16, 2011

what's on my mind: old school tv

Completely random post here, but remember those old-school tv shows? You know the ones that remind you of your childhood?  The ones that send a ton of memories flooding back when you all of the sudden hear one of the theme songs one day?

These shows and theme songs make me all nostalgic of the simple times in life.  A time in my life when I didn't have bills to pay. A time when all I had to worry about was whether or not my math homework was done.  A time in my life when I could eat all the carbohydrates I wanted (carb addict, here) without worrying about the lbs or diabetes.  They also make me miss home and my family like crazy (that's another post all together... I've been a little homesick lately).

Let's reminisce for a minute.

I thought Winnie was the bomb back in the day.

And who didn't have the biggest crush on Kirk Cameron?

Hello, TGIF!

This last one, the theme song from Cheers, is probably my favorite.  I never really watched the show because you see it came on at 10:30 p.m. right after the late night news (and that was certainly past my bedtime), but I can remember hearing the song seep through my bedroom walls every single night. It certainly reminds me of my younger days and of home. 


Dianna said...

Loved Full House and Growing Pains!

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Ohhhh Growing Pains and my precious Kirk!! And you can't forget "Family Matters", "Cosby Show" or "Saved by the Bell" --- when I was up at all hours with the babies, I would always catch re-runs of The Cosby Show and jump right back in :)

daphne {flip flops and pearls} said...

Ha...I thought I was gonna marry KK:) teehee

Where did all that wholesome tv go?? Now we have Jersey Shore....LAWDY-

Happy Wednesday, D

Alyssa said...

All my favs, too! I didn't get to watch Cheers very often since it was late, but my parents always did, and when I got to watch it, I thought I was big stuff!

Shae said...

I loved all of those shows!
Of course, I don't really remember watching Cheers, either, but I remember hearing the song through my walls, as well.
Boy, you just took me back. :)

kristyo15 said...

I remember watching the last Cheers episode with my dad! LOVE all of those shows...I'm also SO excited for the Dallas comeback next year! :)

Jillian Vanover said...

This certainly makes me smile! :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Full House was my all time favorite! Some days, you *may* catch me watching it if nothing else is on!!

Mommyblogger said...

Full House was great!!!
Even my teenage daughter loves it

Jules said...

Oh, I love ALL of those :) MY dvr records The Wonder Years whenever it raddomally comes on... makes my day! I also loved Golden Girls- haha!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love these shows...ah memories!!