Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guess what?

I'm excited to announce that starting Thursday, January 19th, I will be teaming up with Aly from Analyze This for a weekly product of the week link-up.  This is my first time to host a link-up.  I'm super excited, but a tad bit nervous if you want to know the truth about it.  You guys won't leave us hanging, right?  Riiight??

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Get those products you love or can't live without ready. We want to hear about them. It could be your favorite beauty product, your most essential baby product, your kiddos' favorite toy, your significant other's most coveted items, your favorite apps, or a frugal, but good, find.

I personally love hearing about other bloggers' recommended products, and I've enjoyed sharing mine over the past year. You can read through them here if you missed them the first time around.


Missy said...

Oh I am so excited!! I love your product of the week post and will definately be linking up!!

Jill said...

LOVE this idea! super cute! cant wait to see it all!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

So I TOTALLY knew what your post was about today, but when I saw the title I thought "omg, is she pregnant?!" But more importantly, is she pregnant and made me find out from her blog?! Ha. Wow. Settle down, Al.

Excited for this little linkup! I'll be happy if just one other person joins us!

Mrs. Mama said...

i will TOTALLy hop on this link-up! can't wait!!

Virginia said...

Love this idea!!! I've done several past posts on my favorite "finds" of the week. I can't wait to discover all the fun new products from your link-up. Very excited:)

Queen Bee said...

Love it! I'll link up!